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  1. Hello, We have added some new awards to show off in your posts. These ones you have to contact us about as they are not automated, so if you qualify send me a pm Project Leader - Run a project and post it here on the site, legit projects like Masquerade and(or) Rhisis. Server Owner - Own a server and advertise it on our site. Facebook - Be a fan on facebook, be sure to tell us your facebook name so we can verify. Twitter - Follow us on twitter, be sure to tell us your twitter name so we can verify. More are coming in the near future to. Regards, - Sauce
  2. Hello, I'm tired of banning arrogant spammers and trashy flyff people in the scene. I'm tired of having to monitor the registration because people act like 2 yr olds. You now have to be invited by someone in order to have access as a member. Members will be able to earn 1 invite per every 15 posts/threads they make and Tanuki members will get 2. Those members will have to invite you. Staff will not invite you. It's a shame it had to come to this and people may think i'm the bad guy but in all my years in the warez and even script scene i have to say personally the flyff scene is by far the most cancerous scene i have had the pleasure of being involved in. So to keep the toxic idiots out this is what it has come to now. Regards, - Sauce
  3. Hello, We have now implemented a character count into Releases, Snippets, Tutorials replies due to people spamming 1 word. We do not tolerate spam and will continue to ban and implement ways to put an end to it. This addon was bought thanks to @ParalaXcontribution. Thanks, - Sauce.
  4. Snippets and tutorials are now fixed and properly hidden/formatted.
  5. Majority of stuff is now done. I still have to post all the releases which i'll be doing all week long.
  6. Skin is mostly done now, fixed a bunch of posts too. Those who logged in using social media or a third party service u can reset your password using the email you used with social media.
  7. Hello, So a lot has changed and tbh it will continue to improve over this week. There is still lot's to do. We moved to IPS from XF and staff felt this was the best possible move. We plan to introduce posting tiers/ranks and that just wasn't as possible and(or) more complicated with xenforo then it is with ips. With that said those who are generally more active will be rewarded more so then spamming leechers. This is however a work in progress and we have no date set, but the foundation of this is here now. Since we dumped the downloads panel which also killed activity and promoted people to just leech and never post. We made it so you have to post again. I have to re-add all the downloads and will be doing so over the week. For now we have disabled registration which should be re-opened back on monday. If you have any issues drop me a pm, and a theme is coming we are still figuring that out to. Have a great weekend, - Sauce
  8. Fixing bugs wew